Thursday, July 11, 2013

We're Here

We had a wonderful flight. Due to the flight being full up we ended up sitting in the rumble seats at the back. The benefit was it was right beside the Latrines.

Had a wonderful lunch with my second cousin at the Irving Big Stop in Deer Lake. Anyone from down east will understand the joys of Irving.

Apparently rhe price of gas jumped up last night and it is up to $1.30. Gee it was $1.34 last night in St Catharines.

Well we are on our way to thw whopping metropolis of Millertown

Will get some pictures as soon as I figure out how to post them.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twas the Night Before Departure

Twas the night before departure and all through the house,

A flurry of activity was happening,

As bags were unpacked and new bags used,

Items were checked and rechecked,

Yup, think we have everything.

If not, we shall just have to make do.

I ponder how my mom survived the many trips she went on. :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Preparation for the Journey

In speaking with my cousin the other day she thought I had already left on my trip. well isn't that a lesson in communications. I had in my mind that the Journey begins when one starts preparing for a Journey rather then when is on the road.

I have not actually left for Newfoundland yet. I am preparing to leave. I guess in my mind a Journey is compiled of many components. My adventure for today in preparation for my Journey to Newfoundland includes preparing my clothes and packing.

Ah back in the day...OK a few years er decades ago I was a Girl Guide leader or Girl Scout Leader. Every time we went to camp there was a list of essential items to bring. How many t-shirts, blouses, socks, shorts, pants, sweaters, raincoats, shoes, boot etc. I am not sure who created that list and if it was copy written. Where is that list it would be so nice to have about now. I am going for two weeks. It has been years since I have gone away for that long. What to I need to bring. How many pairs of shoes. OK I only own 9 so maybe I will bring them all. Wait I won't bring my Sorels or my work boots. Do I really need both pairs of Crocs. Oh the choices. As I think of this I am reminded of all the folks who only own one pair of shoes or none at all.Those who only have a meager amount of clothes that could likely fit in one small bag if they had the bag. Oh now where was I. What shall I wear. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am seeing relatives I have not seen in years and want to wear the right thing. Oh what is the right thing?? OK I need to pack enough clothes so I can be warm, cool and dry. I am going with my dad so I shall bring enough for about a week and will do laundry somewhere along the way. It would be so much easier if I just had a uniform. This last paragraph has been a grasshopper moment where my mind when from one thought to another...or as my siblings say...SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I have actually done some preparation. I went to the pharmacy and got new stickers for my Epi-Pen. Apparently even though it is only available by Prescription, because it has a sharp pointy thing in it I need to have a label from the pharmacy clearly stating my name as written on my ticket. Don't want to be denied entry to the plane as a potential terrorist because of a live saving medication. I have printed my ticket and made sure the name matches my ID. Gotten a book to take to read. Cleaned off a lot of pictures on my phone so I can take more. I am taking my laptop as I am hoping to have a moment of inspiration or two.

Well I must go fold laundry and place in suitcase.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Itinerary

2 months ago I went through the guide book and ear marked nearly every page. Well How big can Newfoundland be and do I really need any sleep. Ok so last night I refined my selection list.

Here is what I hope to see (the items with the double ** are must does):

Beothuk Interpretation Centre Provincial Historic Site - Boyd's Cove**
North Atlantic Aviation Museum - Gander
Do the 330 route north and east of Gander
Heart's Content Cable Station Provincial Historic Site
Historic Walking Tour of Carbonear
St James Carbonear
St Paul's Harbour Grace (the oldest stone church in Newfoundland}
Cape Spear Light House National Historic Site of Canada
Hike the East Coast Trail - Blackhead Path to Cape Spear
Signal Hill National Historic Site of Canada **
St Thomas' St Johns (It is the Oldest continually used Anglican Church in the Province) built in 1836
A trip on a boat to go Whale watching, Puffin watching and look out for Icebergs (preferably the boat will not be called the Titanic)
Stick my toes in the ocean
Lots of visiting and eating with family (starting right after we get off the plane..lunch with my second cousin)

St James 

The Parish of Harbour Grace

I am not saying I will get to everything on the list however it is nice to dream.

The Journey begins

In just over a week I shall be "Leaving on a Jet Plane" (yes I like Elton John).

My father and I are flying to Newfoundland. We shall be spending some time with my mom's family and taking in some of the local sites.

I realized that it has been 30 years since I have been to the Rock. The last time was when I took my mom on a trip there one autumn. I have kept in touch with my extended family, mostly my mother's cousins children via facebook.

Last night as I spent most of the evening going through the Newfoundland travel guide I got lost in the memories of my times spent down there. I am looking forward to seeing if things are still the same and how things have changed. I am sure there will be many laughs as we share stories of past adventures.