Sunday, July 7, 2013

Preparation for the Journey

In speaking with my cousin the other day she thought I had already left on my trip. well isn't that a lesson in communications. I had in my mind that the Journey begins when one starts preparing for a Journey rather then when is on the road.

I have not actually left for Newfoundland yet. I am preparing to leave. I guess in my mind a Journey is compiled of many components. My adventure for today in preparation for my Journey to Newfoundland includes preparing my clothes and packing.

Ah back in the day...OK a few years er decades ago I was a Girl Guide leader or Girl Scout Leader. Every time we went to camp there was a list of essential items to bring. How many t-shirts, blouses, socks, shorts, pants, sweaters, raincoats, shoes, boot etc. I am not sure who created that list and if it was copy written. Where is that list it would be so nice to have about now. I am going for two weeks. It has been years since I have gone away for that long. What to I need to bring. How many pairs of shoes. OK I only own 9 so maybe I will bring them all. Wait I won't bring my Sorels or my work boots. Do I really need both pairs of Crocs. Oh the choices. As I think of this I am reminded of all the folks who only own one pair of shoes or none at all.Those who only have a meager amount of clothes that could likely fit in one small bag if they had the bag. Oh now where was I. What shall I wear. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am seeing relatives I have not seen in years and want to wear the right thing. Oh what is the right thing?? OK I need to pack enough clothes so I can be warm, cool and dry. I am going with my dad so I shall bring enough for about a week and will do laundry somewhere along the way. It would be so much easier if I just had a uniform. This last paragraph has been a grasshopper moment where my mind when from one thought to another...or as my siblings say...SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I have actually done some preparation. I went to the pharmacy and got new stickers for my Epi-Pen. Apparently even though it is only available by Prescription, because it has a sharp pointy thing in it I need to have a label from the pharmacy clearly stating my name as written on my ticket. Don't want to be denied entry to the plane as a potential terrorist because of a live saving medication. I have printed my ticket and made sure the name matches my ID. Gotten a book to take to read. Cleaned off a lot of pictures on my phone so I can take more. I am taking my laptop as I am hoping to have a moment of inspiration or two.

Well I must go fold laundry and place in suitcase.

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